Sunday, 2 October 2011

On the web users can find not just a lot of free information but also links to awesome freebies and offers, which can help us receive prizes for free (sometimes even money in the form of gift cards).

I have some ties with webmastering and Internet business and I can tell that finding stable visitors to any website is a challenge; that is why some big online projects try to spark the activity on their sites by offering member rewards.

We use search engines almost every day, so the competition among these is very intense. Now I know at least two good search engines, which offer rewards for using their portals and search engines. Let me tell you more about each of them. – a pretty nice search and win website the owners of which have come up with a revolutionary search algorithm (where users can rate and comment on search results). All actions you complete on will give you points. Al these could be used for buying prizes on the gift store. Currently prizes include gift cards, video games, computers, game consoles, ect. Payment proof from could be found here. – is a free portal, where you can enjoy the most popular benefits of world wide web – search, games and communication. By being active on this site you can get instant prizes or collect special points (swagbucks) and spend them on their prize store.

Well, these two websites will help you spend time on the web with fun and get paid to search. I have been using them for a pretty long time and even received some prizes. Don’t hesitate to give these sites a try. Also I have added some related links in this article, so they will help you get started in no time.