Thursday, 6 May 2010

at 07:42 Posted by IB

have really coarse black hair and it isn't easy to find a product that will style my hair and leave it the way that I want it. Before having kids my hair used to be very straight but it has changed over time, and now, it has a wave to it. Usually after washing my hair and blow drying it, it will become very, very frizzy and there is nothing I can do to control the frizz except straighten it. So, I've been straightening my hair for about 4 years now and in my search for the perfect product I have encountered myself with some products that were not exactly that great, and some of them still left the unwanted frizz in my hair that is so hard to get rid of, even more in climates like we have here where I live in Canada, where the water is so hard and the weather so dry and cold for the most part.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to review the HANA Professional Flat Iron 1" - Pink Edition and the difference is GREAT compared to other products that I had used before. It came in a very cute package decorated with some scented artificial flowers, - and you know that a way to a woman's heart is the packaging so I loved the presentation!

The kit comes with the Hana Shine Shield which is a thermal serum to protect hair from the heat, a heat proof pouch/pad, a very cool pink silicone mat, a pink case all packaged up in a shiny tin black box, they also added a cute little white pouch with some nail files in it. Since in the past I had only been using cheap products to straighten my hair I really didn't think there was a difference between flat irons, -the only difference there was in my mind, was the price. Well let me tell you, it isn't the case! I was very interested in reviewing this product since I had read so many good things about it.

In my personal experience this flat iron is by far one of the best ones if not the best flat iron I have ever tried, and the features that I love the most about it are, first of all, how fast this flat iron heats up! It has adjustable heat from 140-450 degrees.

According to Hana this flat iron can also be used on damp hair without causing damage. By the way, this package also comes with a little booklet with operating instructions, a small section on how this flat iron can be used according to your hair type, and some really practical hair styling tips.

In my opinion the Hana Flat Iron works great for straightening hair, it makes your hair stick straight and it leaves your hair feeling very soft and looking very shiny! I like how my hair looks curly so of course I had to curl my hair with it. After learning the technique on how to curl your hair with a flat iron I just had to try it, but I found myself frustrated since the flat irons that I used before were too thick and my hair was just not long enough to get a curl out of it. But with the Hana Flat Iron it is totally possible and I love the way it worked on my hair for curling it!

One of the features that makes the Hana Flat Iron work wonderfully for curls is the glass smooth ceramic-tourmaline plates that condition and protect your hair and the rounded plate edges that make it easy for your hair to be wrapped around easily without pulling your hair! It also has a non slip grippy handle and no tangle swivel professional salon lenght cord which I really love, it gives you so much freedom of movement.